Sofia, Bulgaria - October 6, 1990   French lyrics: La Maritza c’est ma rivière comme la Seine est la tienne mais il n’y a que mon père maintenant qui s’en souvienne, quelquefois. De mes dix premières années, il ne me reste plus rien pas la plus pauvre poupée, plus rien qu’un petit refrain d’autrefois. Il faisait: La la la la... Tous les oiseaux de ma rivière nous chantaient la liberté, moi je ne comprenais guère mais mon père, lui savait, écouter : Quand l’horizon s’est fait trop noir, tous les oiseaux sont partis sur les chemins de l’espoir et nous on les a suivis à Paris. [Parlé:] De mes dix premières années, il ne reste plus rien... rien [chanté] et pourtant les yeux fermés, moi j’entends mon père chanter ce refrain : La la la la... Lyrics translated from French to English: The Maritza is my river like the Seine is yours but it is only my father who now remembers this, sometimes. Since my first ten years, I have nothing left not even the poorest doll but only a little refrain from yesteryear. They sang: La la la la... All the birds from my river sang to us about freedom, I could not understand at all but my father, he knew, listen: When the horizon became too dark, all the birds left on the path of hope and we followed them to Paris. [Spoken:] Since my early years, nothing is left... nothing [sung] yet with my eyes closed, I hear my father sing this refrain: La la la la... This is the CD cover of the live concert that Sylvie Vartan performed for in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 6, 1990. This was her first performance in her native country and her first time back there after being in exile for 38 years! Sylvie Vartan, who like me was born in Bulgaria, is my favorite singer and I only wish I could have been there in person to see her perform in this wonderful concert that brought tears to many. It turns out that like her, I also went back to Bulgaria: It was in July 1991, almost a year after she went back, and after having been in exile for 29 years, that I finally went back to my homeland to see friends and relatives whom I had not seen since I was 6 years old. In this CD, Sylvie Vartan sings in French, in English and even in Bulgarian! Her live rendition of Imagine is as good (if not better) as John Lennon’s. Sylvie Vartan became famous in France after recording her first song Panne d’Essence (Out of Gas), which became an instant hit when she was only 16 years old! Since then, she has sold over 40 million records worldwide. The songs in this CD are very touching, especially for someone like me who like her fled from the Iron Curtain at a young age. In fact, after reading her autobiography, I found out that her childhood was eerily similar to mine. You can order this CD on the Internet from

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