Miami, Florida - August 8, 2014 (12:47am)   I live in a teen town, which means that I will never grow up, LOL! Here is the new George Musique. I lost 50 pounds since 2009. I have more energy now than ever before and I am in much better health than I was two decades earlier! This is an absolutely amazing feat, that’s for sure. This night was my best night in 2014, thanks to Sarah’s Smile. Nobody does it better than her. I have regained my superpowers after being poisoned by Green Kryptonite for about a year. I wish that I could play bass half as well as Jaco Pastorius and/or Marcus Miller. Nevertheless, I sure have fun jammin’! I played a baby blue Fender Precision bassion elarlier that evening and then this black Fender Jazz bass later that evening, courtesy of Timothy. (Photo by Sarah Smile, Nikon D3000)

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