South Beach, Florida - July 28, 2001   Henry: Ooh, yeah. I fin’lly found someone that knocks me off my feet. I fin’lly found the one that makes me feel complete. Alex: It started over coffee, we started out as friends. It’s funny how, from simple things, the best things begin. Henry: This time, it’s diff’rent, it’s all because of you, it’s better than it’s ever been. Both: ’Cause we can talk it through. Alex: My fav’rite line was “Can I call you sometime?”, it’s all you had to say both: to take my breath away. Both: This is it! Oh, I fin’lly found someone, someone to share my life. I fin’lly found the one to be with every night. Alex: ’Cause whatever I do, Henry: it’s just got to be you. Alex: My life has just begun, both: I fin’lly found someone, Henry: I fin’lly found someone. Alex: Ooh. Henry: Did I keep you waiting? Alex: I didn’t mind. Henry: I apologize. Alex: Baby, that’s fine. Henry: I would wait forever, both: just to know you are mine. Henry: Well I love your hair. Alex: Are you sure it looks right? Henry: I love what you wear. Alex: Isn’t it too tight? Henry: You’re exceptional! Both: I can’t wait for the rest of my life! This is it! Oh, I fin’lly found someone.Here is a nice photo of Alex Crary Leeds and Henry Guzman on lead vocals, and me on bass. We performed for a wedding at the South Beach Marriott. Alex and Henry do an awesome rendition of I Finally Found Someone. (Photo by David Toledo)

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