North Miami, Florida - November 11, 2001   Here is a super picture of Celeste, SuperGeorge and Maria, appropriately enough with a color-coordinated wardrobe, even though it was not planned that way. I bought my first Superman t-shirt ever back in 1999 from a Warner Bros. store at Westland Mall in Hialeah. As you can see, it sure gets me lots of attention and this happens just about any time that I wear one. Back in 2009, I stopped at a Publix supermarket to get some groceries while on my way to a Halloween party. I wore a Superman t-shirt that evening. A little girl saw me in the parking lot and yelled “look mommy, it’s Superman!” and she really believed that I was a superhero, LOL! That was way too funny!!! As Robin once said: “I could definitely get into this superhero gig”.

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