Dallas, Texas - July 28, 1974   This picture was taken when I was 18 years old, about one month after I graduated from high school. I met Phyllis while on a travel agent’s familiarization trip in Dallas. She was a very charming lady. I had a crush on her from the minute I met her, even though she was more than twice my age, and had a son who was about my age! Phyllis was a travel agency owner, and offered me a job at her agency, Florida Cruise and Travel, only a few weeks after this picture was taken. I worked for Phyllis for a couple of months. Many years later, and a long time after I retired from the travel agency business, by some strange coincidence, my mother who had been in the travel business for many years, ended up working for the same company! Unfortunately, Florida Cruise and Travel, as well as the shopping center that it was in, was leveled by hurricane Andrew, and my mother ended up retiring right after that.

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