Miami, Florida - April 28, 1975   ♫ You want my love and you can’t deny, you know it’s true but you try to hide, yeah. You turn down love like it’s really bad, ow, you can’t give what you never had, yeah. Well bless your soul, you can fool a few but I know the truth and so do you. Well bless your soul, you can fool a few, I know the truth, now so do you. You can’t hide, I betcha, oh, I betcha, I betcha. Can’t hide love, can’t hide love but I betcha, well I betcha. I can’t hide yeah, feeling inside. You can’t pretend there’s nothing there, girl, I look in your eyes, see you care. So why not stop trying to run and hide, you won’t find out if you never try. You want my love, I betcha, ooh, I betcha. You want my love, well I betcha, well I betcha. Ohh, I’m feeling inside. Love has found the time for kissing, yeah. Can you find the time to listen? Life has found the time to bug you, yeah. Can you find the time for blessing? Aah... ♫ Even at the age of 19 (when this picture was taken), I was quite ambitious and I had a very busy schedule: I worked at a travel agency, played the electric bass guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band and I went to school at Miami Dade Community College - South Campus (now simply known as the Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus) where I studied music. Back then, I used to buy all of the top 40 records of the day. I would listen to them, and I learned and transcribed the bass parts of these songs. Some of my favorite bands were Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. I have seen both of these groups in concert quite a few times.This picture was taken back in the days when disco music peaked in popularity. I had a disco haircut, a disco shirt, disco everyting... I also wore high platform shoes. One time, I fell offstage while wearing them on a cruise ship while I was playing bass with a top 40/disco band, and I sprained my ankle. We actually got hit by a nasty wave, LOL! All I had to say was: Ouch!!!

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