Miami, Florida - April 20, 1975   Fly me, I’m George. That was the advertising slogan used by Miami-based National Airlines back in the 70s, although they only used women’s names (sounds like discrimination to me!) instead, which were painted right on the front of their aircraft. Back in my younger days, I liked both art and aeroplanes. I once drew a picture of a National Airlines Boeing 727 and gave it to a friend of mine as a present. Her name was Marian and she was in several of my classes at Gables High, including my art class. I drew her name right on the picture of the aeroplane, just like it would appear on the real thing, then I autographed it and gave it to her. She seemed quite pleased and got a kick out of that. I saw Marian again at my 20-year high school reunion during the summer of 1994. (Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera)

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