Miami, Florida - April 21, 1975   Back in my days as a teenager, I was very much fascinated by aeroplanes. During the early 70s, I used to hang around the Miami International Airport a lot of the time with my school friends Chris Licata and Tony Destro and I took many photographs of aircraft. I have accumulated a large collection of aviation pictures (many which I took myself), books and magazines. Back then, I also used to go to the terminal, usually with some of my buddies from school. We would ask pilots, flights attendants and gate agents to show us the inside of aircraft. Many of them actually did. Some pilots even showed us the inside of the cockpit, which was really neat. On December 26, 1972 (according to my log book), the captain of an Air Jamaica DC-9-32 let me start its engines! He showed me what knobs to press and before I knew it, I heard the sound of the jets come on. Now that was quite a thrill for a kid like me who was so much into aeroplanes! He taxied the plane from one concourse to another, and although I did not actually fly anywhere that time at least, it was quite an exciting ride. A few years later, only passengers with airline tickets were allowed on the concourses, so my buddies and I would hang around the cargo hangars (pun intended) instead. Here I am inside an old Douglas DC-6 that may have flown for Pan Am at one time, but that had been converted to a freighter. In this picture, I was carrying my log book and I used it to document technical information about aircraft such us the model number, engine type, serial number, registration number and lots of other trivial information. (Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera)

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