Montego Bay, Jamaica - August 21, 1975   I took this picture during my first trip to Jamaica. What’s really strange is that I didn’t actually fly there. Instead, I took a one-week cruise on the M/S Angelina Lauro and one of the three ports of call was Montego Bay. Because I was so fascinated by aeroplanes, I went to the airport there and took some photos of aircraft. By some very bizarre coincidence, it turns out that I had actually been inside this same exact aeroplane about 3 years earlier! On December 26, 1972 (according to my log book), the captain who was piloting this very same Air Jamaica McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 (registered 6Y-JGA) let me start its engines! He showed me what knobs to press and before I knew it, I heard the sound of the jets come on. Now that was quite a thrill for a kid like me who was so much into aeroplanes! He taxied the plane from one concourse to another at Miami International Airport, and although I did not actually fly anywhere that time at least, it was quite an exciting ride. Since I took this picture, I have been to Jamaica four more times, and instead of going on a cruise and went by plane. I turns out that the M/S Angelina Lauro sunk a few years later anyway, so perhaps flying is a better and safer alternative! (Photo by George, Mamiya Sekor 35mm camera)

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