Fort Lauderdale, Florida - July 21, 2010 (10:12pm)   I had lots of fun playing keyboards at Mojo’s grand opening. With my synthesizer, I am able to authentically emulate the sounds of real horns, strings or just about any instrument. Because of my extensive music arranging background, I know exactly how to orchestrate the part that I am playing so that it sounds almost identical as what’s on the original record. Check out the awesome painting that’s right behind me! I have always been interested in art and I like just about anything that’s colorful. I guess I am an artistic kind of person: Back in my younger days, I enjoyed drawing and painting but later on, I became more interested in music.When I was a kid, I used to draw pictures during my classes and my teachers would get angry at me because I did not pay attention to them. For many years, my favorite class was art. My art teachers really liked my drawings and paintings because they were quite good being that I was so into it. One time, I drew a hand that had 6 fingers. It looked so real that nobody noticed anything wrong with it for many days, not even my teacher. One day, one of my schoolmates finally noticed the discrepancy and my entire class burst into laughter when they saw my drawing! My art teacher liked this unusual drawing so much that she kept is as a souvenir. I wish I still had it so I could show it to my friends. I also liked comic books and I had quite a large collection. And of course, I drew pictures of superheroes. My favorite ones were Superman and Batman. (Photo by Adrian, Nikon D50)

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